Friday, December 15, 2006

MotherVoice08: A place to be as political as I wanna be.

I've been posting to my MojoMom blog regularly for a few years now, and I've worked hard to make it a worthy destination for thinking Moms. In my Mojo Mom book and blog, I trace a path that starts with self-care and builds toward women's leadership. In my personal life I have continued on that trajectory, becoming more politically invovled throughout the 2004 and 2006 elections. I am contributing to the group blog on, but event that requires a modicum of detachment from my personal opinion. Part of me still craves an outlet where I can be as partisan, political and opinionated as I want to be. This isn't really appropriate for the MojoMom blog. I have struggled with the decision to create a new blog, dividing my writing energies further, but the time has come to give it a whirl.

So here I am on MotherVoice08, my new blog that will chronicle my adventures on the road to 2008. I don't yet know where that road will take me, which is part of the fun of writing about the journey.

I am going to try to keep my posts short and snappy, but I will tell you two important things to get started: I am proud to be a progressive Democrat, and I believe that all Moms should take up politics. Motherhood is inherently political, and if you need evidence to support that, just read The Motherhood Manifesto by the founders of The frustrating thing is, many Moms' groups are expressly apolitical, trying to keep discussion on non-partisan level to avoid having anyone's feelings hurt by differences of opinion. In the long run this is extremely boring and further isolates mothers from the political process. So bring your opinions, join me here on MotherVoice08 and shout it out.

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PunditMom said...

Amy, I'm looking forward to reading your new blog, especially as we march toward '08!